Dolomiti Bike Galaxy - endless biking paradise

Right on time for the start of the 2018 summer season is the arrival of Dolomiti Bike Galaxy by Dolomiti SuperSummer. It is an expression of what the Dolomites has to offer in terms of mountain biking at this point in time – and there is a real lot on offer, and 100 lifts can be accessed with the Dolomiti SuperSummer card.  The Dolomiti Bike Galaxy  is a concentration of useful information regarding infrastructures dedicated to mountain biking, support lift systems, other dedicated accessory services such as MTB schools, hire operations, Bike Sharing stations throughout the area, the mountain rifugi with  E-MTB recharging points, and the choice of Dolomiti SuperSummer cards so as to have the right one for you as you discover the Dolomites by bike.

Bike Galaxy

The Mountain Bike, in all its many disciplines, has now conquered the world of outdoor sports, and the Dolomites too has created an offer which is of a true  international flavour and standard, and reminds one of a stellar galaxy. In all the  12 valleys of Dolomiti SuperSummer there are bike infrastructures which allow the different discipline enthusiasts to indulge themselves to the full in a thrilling array of well-planned Bike Parks, demanding Downhills, exciting  Freeride Flows, tough Enduro challenges – also passing from valley to valley, or just simple paths fo those who are not hardened bikers.

Most of the MTB infrastructure in accessible via the uphill lift systems  of  Dolomiti SuperSummer, they ideal for transporting bikes. All in all this is a fundamental help to ensure that one can make the most of the Downhill slopes, the jumps and bridges of the Bike Parks, and the long Enduro trails across the valleys of the Dolomites. The lifts are a welcome ‘helping hand’ when there are steep elevations to deal with, and of course once can save time and in the moments of relaxation take in the magnificent landscape of this fantastic  UNESCO World Heritage.

Get easily to the trails thanks to the Dolomiti Supersummer lifts. Repeat the trails as many times as you like, or ride from valley to valley, through the magic UNESCO Heritage

Indemnity from and against any liabilities

Users are advised to determine their route, their way of walking and their speed in relation to their individual competence and capacity, to the terrain conditions, weather, visibility, conditions of the chosen paths and routes and in accordance with the indications of route boards or signs. Furthermore route choices must carefully take into consideration one’s personal ability as well as paying due respect to the opening and closing schedule of each single lift system facility. 

The presented routes and paths, as well as the “bike parks” or similar structures, are designed, marked, monitored and maintained by the operators and/or owners responsible for the management of such structures, by the local authorities, associations, and appointed consortia for the particular areas in question and hereby only carried over.

Further information in the GSC